Genealogical, Archival & Historical Researcher
With over 20 years of enthusiastic experience.
I love connecting people to their past.

I can help with:

  • Tracing ancestry (this can be personal, or as a wonderful heirloom gift to commemorate milestone events such as a birth, or a wedding anniversary)

  • Creating family tree databases (using computer software)

  • DNA research (incl. mirror trees, contacting relatives)

  • Publishing records to online genealogical-based websites

  • Creating computer gedcom (universal) files (with these you can upload them to other programmes or websites, share them with relatives for them to upload, etc)

  • Collating family history stories

  • Attaching photographs and documents (electronically) to databases

  • Ordering documents (incl. birth, death, marriage)

  • Producing ancestral and descendant pedigree reports

  • Creating printable trees

  • Computerising family history information

  • Tracing descendants

  • Producing oral history questionnaires (which you can then use to gather information from living relatives)

  • Small museum and historical society databases & projects

  • Fact-checking of family rumours & legends

  • Preparing trees for family reunions

  • Undertake or help with One-Name Studies, and One-Place Studies

  • more

Each project is individually tailored, and flat rates are offered in 10-hour blocks, plus expenses (if any). Smaller or significantly larger projects (such as those for museums) quoted upon request.

Complete discretion assured.


Please contact me for fee information.

Terms & Conditions

I pride myself on working quickly and efficiently on each project I undertake, and because I love genealogy so much I often go 'above & beyond', so you get extremely good value for your money.

Because there is a lot of time & effort involved in each unique project, I ask for a 50% deposit before beginning the research; and each subsequent 10-hour block paid in advance thereafter.

If any complete hours, paid for in advance, are not used during the project, then the balance may then be refunded.

As I don't believe that one's family history should be beyond the budget of the average person, I try and keep my rates reasonable.

All relevant correspondence will be considered as part of a contract between both parties to undertake any agreed-upon work.


While all care is taken, there are no guarantees that information can or will be found for any research project undertaken; or that 100% degree of accuracy can be assured.

All projects are undertaken in good faith.

Pricing and terms & conditions are subject to change.

Payments can currently be made in the following ways:


(other options may become available upon demand)

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