About Me

Ironically, for someone who loves to dig around in ancestral business, I do not like the spotlight on myself, so you won't get much of a personal bio or a photo - but be assured, I am certainly genuine (plus, my kids know I exist!).

I will say that I have been doing genealogical research for many years now. It started off, like for so many others, as a matter of personal interest with members of my immediate family, and just grew and grew ... and grew. If I meet someone who shows even the slightest interest in their own family history, then I want to help!

I may not yet have a professional qualification in family history research, but I do have a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in History, which has come in very handy. I've also had very happy clients, and I do my best to give them as much research as possible so they can each come away with a clearer sense of who they are and who they came from.

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Southland, New Zealand

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